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With Our Fun & Fresh Line Of Home Interiors Kids Accessories, Planning & Decorating A Very Special Room For Every Child Will Be A Celebration Of Love...Of Learning...Of Laughter...Of Life. Home Interiors Kids Offers Inspiring Ideas For Creating Cozy Rooms With A Child's View...To Reflect Their Individuality & Capture Their Dreams. Home Interiors Kids Makes It Easy To Create Rooms That Celebrate Kids!
"Girly Girl" Theme

Princess Picture

What little girl wouldn't love a picture that features all her favorite things? Jewelry and shoes that have a whimsical look are the focal point of this princess-themed framed art. It's accented by a bright pink wood frame, a pale purple mat and a green inner border. Manufactured in the USA.
22" x 18" h.
Item #36217
32.99 Each

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"Home Field" Theme

Home Field Peg Shelf

This wonderful shelf will be appreciated by athletes of any age. It portrays an assortment of balls made of resin in dimensional relief along with a hockey stick and pucks that hinge onto the top portion of the ledge. Below the ledge is the image of a bat with three baseball-tipped pegs extending from it. The shelf is made of solid wood in a white finish that highlights the authentically colored Sporting Goods it displays.
22" x 6-1/4" x 13-3/4" tall
Item #36044
39.99 Each

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"Transportation Station" Theme

Fire Truck Double Shelf

The profile of a Fire Truck forms this useful shelf made of dimensional molded resins. It boasts two ledges, the lower one a bit deeper than the upper, with a rectangular opening between them. This replica of the all-important rescue vehicle is mainly red with a yellow ladder on top and a multitude of dials and gauges on its side that further enhance its realistic appearance. Manufactured in the USA.
32-1/8" x 11" x 4-7/8" tall.
Item #36100
39.99 Each

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"Go Wild" Theme

Wild West Mirror

Transport your child to the old west with this creatively-constructed mirror! It includes a denim-look wood frame, five different western-themed resin cutouts, rope accents, and a wired bandanna hanger made with real fabric.
21" x 23-7/8" h., 28-1/2" h. with hanger.
Item #36125
49.99 Each

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